SMART Series

Smart Series

A compact and portable solution

The SONOR Orff SMART Series embraces market-leading innovations in sound, functionality and design.

Its portability makes teaching easier and its unique stacking design maximizes storage space. The integrated riser elevation improves student ergonomics.

The series elevates performance through enhanced sound developed from acoustical research and innovative resonance chamber designs.

Optimized sound

Innovative resonator box construction: Each tone has its own acoustical chamber optimizing resonance. A separating strip isolates the tone being played providing a more focused sound. 


Compact size

With overall dimensions of 24" x 13.25" × 4.75" for the soprano models and 24" x 15.25" × 4.75" for the alto models, this is the most compact one-and-a-half-octave instrument SONOR is offering.

New rubber head mallet for soprano xylophones

The Soprano Xylophones of the SMART Series are equipped with a new mallet (SCH 32), which brings out very beautifully the melody accents played in the soprano range.

New locking pin system

Pins no longer protrude above the bar. The new pins are shatterproof and interlock under the bar with the pin strip. As a result, the sound bars are tightly secured during intense playing and transport.


Compact external dimensions, lighter weight and ergonomic design make the instrument easy to hold and comfortable to carry.

Fold-out legs create a riser

Compact resonator box doesn't sacrifice comfort - the instrument features fold-out feet for optimal playing height.

Stacking function

For stacking, when the legs are unfolded the brackets fit into the side lugs on the resonator box. When nested together, they are scratch resistant and safe for transport on a cart. 

Adapts to the basis trolley system

The feel of the instrument are designed so the instrument can be mounted on a Basis Trolley (BT). AS1 adapter rails are provided for this purpose.

Accessory storage ("garage")

On the side of the resonance box there is a fold-out flap. This provides space for the F# and Bb sound bars as well as for a pair of mallets.


Accompany little Alexa on her SMART journey of discovery and explore the advantages of these instruments through a child’s eyes.

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