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Ephraim Salzmann

Stefanie Heinzmann

Ephraim Salzmann (*1975) has lived and worked with and around music since his childhood. Influenced by the musical work of his late
father Amadé Salzmann, his own numerous experiences, workshops and natural events, he develops his personal expression especially in the field of percussion on instruments from all over the world, such as drums & percussions, Valais dulcimer, Valaisan horn xylophone,
dijeridoo, hang balu, kotamo, ... to name but a few. 

He is the founder and director of the "Spillrüm Naters", a music platform where young and young-at-heart can find space for music. He
leads classes, courses, workshops and accompanies groups to musical experiences.

As a leader for development-oriented music he has been working for over 15 years in various institutions and schools in the Upper Valais and  moves people with rhythms & sounds.

He has received the "Culture Promotion Prize 2011" from the Canton of Valais for his cultural work in the valley, the "Local Global Award
2019" from the "5 Continents festival" in Martigny for his world music, and the "Culture Prize 2020" in the music category from his home town of Naters for his work & promotion with music.

Through his polyvalent musical activity, he actively participates in the alternative cultural life of the Canton of Valais and it is impossible to imagine life without him.

As a musician he accompanies artists, dancers & writers, inspires people with his play & music. He has played more than 500 concerts in more than 15 countries and participated in more than 50 productions. He is currently on tour in Germany, in Switzerland with Stefanie Heinzmann (, Marc Aymon (, Sam gruber (, zHansrüedi EndFrenz ( and his very own Ephraim Salzmann Solo (