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Jason Moser


I was born in 1986. I first found my interest in drums when, at the age of four, I got onto stage after a church service and started playing around on the drumset. The resident drummer came and showed me some basic grooves, and from there I started jamming by myself every Sunday after church.

When I was 5 years old we moved to Pretoria, where I got my first drumset as a present from one of the members of our new church. At the age of nine I started taking lessons from Bruce Wallace, who is by now a very sought after drummer in the South African session scene. Later in life, I also had 2 brief seasons of studying under Vinnie Henrico and Andries Visser respectively.

For most of my home-schooled high school career, I jammed with our church's youth band, occasionally doing youth camps and playing at schools' Christian Students Association meetings during school breaks. From there, I toured the country with an arts ministry called C-kruis (now 13th Floor) for 2 years.

After C-kruis, I started giving private drum lessons while starting with my tertiary studies in Management Principles & Business Management. I started playing some small time club gigs with a band called Wolkop Skaapkop, and things grew from there as I started linking up and playing with artists such as Retief Burger, Louis Brittz, KrissTel, Anders, Nic Dinnie, Vertikaal, and more.

Since I started playing professionally in 2006, I have had the opportunity to play at some major events, including:  Opening for ‘Fallout Boy’ in 2007 with an artist called “J”,  Playing at ‘My Coke Fest’ in 2007 with an artist called “J”, Playing at ‘Loftus for Jesus’ in 2008 with Louis Brittz, Retief Burger, Juanita Du Plessis, and others, Playing at various Mighty Men Conferences in 2010 - 2012 with Retief Burger and Louis Brittz, Playing at ‘Jacaranda Day’ on Loftus rugby stadium with ‘Riana Nel’ in 2012, Playing Live on RSG radio station, as well as MK television Studio 1 with Bouwer Bosch in 2012. 

I currently have 5 different Artists or Bands that I regularly tour and perform with, and I'm privileged to feature on more and more albums under Producers such as Louis Brittz, Gideon Bothes, Stefan Swart, Johan Bouwer, Wynand Delport, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the artists that I have had the privilege to record, perform, and tour with: Louis Brittz, Retief Burger, Vertikaal, KrissTel, Riana Nel, Anders, Bouwer Bosch, Tshwane Gospel Choir, North of Winter, VanMerw, Wolkop Skaapkop, 3de.Stem, Wanda (De Kock) Bam, Juanita Du Plessis, Dan Po, VanWyk, Kopiereg, The Original Heartbeat Band, Soweto String Quartet, Walt, Johan Kelber, Joe Niemand, Luidkidz, Nedine Blom, Franna Benade, Cornel Driessen, Wian Vos, Hannes vd Walt, Jean Marais, Niel Higgins, Nic Dinee and many more.

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