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Michael Wolpers

Running Wild




I've started playing Drums at the age of 20. Before that, I was really into playing soccer. After a few years of practicing, things started to develop. I did a few studio jobs, as you can see in the list below. I do all kinds of studio jobs, touring, and other gigs. 

Please find below a list of the bands/artists, for whom I worked in studio (see booklets for details):

• Roterfeld: "Blood Diamond Romance"

• Roterfeld: "Brand new life"

• Treibhaus: "Alphatier"

• Dodoleo: "Se solo ci sei tu"

• Treibhaus: "Live in Hannover"

• Kensington Road: "A Story from Somewhere in between"

• Dan Crow: "Eternal Life"

• Treibhaus: "Alarmstufe Rot"

• Soul Doctor: "That's live"

• Glow: "Every single day"

• Guano Apes: "Proud like a god" and their second release "Don't give me names"

• Such a Surge: "Der Surge Effekt", "Nie mehr Lovesongs - Remix"

• Jailbait: "Once upon a time"

• Sonnit: "Heaven is closer"

• Missing Link: "Ahead"

• Piranha Smile: "Megabytes, Bits & Pieces"

• Summerfield: "Just got a new guitar"

• Summerfield: "Just got another new guitar"

• It takes president: "Hey Lord"

• Superfly 69: "Sing it with a smile"

• Rockmusical: "Eisenhans"

• LAW: "Life after weekend"

• Carlini: "Tides of time"

• Nikki Puppet: "Puppet on a string"

• Native Instruments: "Battery 2"

• Treibhaus: "Feindbild", "Alphatier"

• Soul Doctor: "Blood runs cold"

• King Curry : "Back to Mountain Mama" - Tour Live DVD

Furthermore, the following releases:

"Tom Cörry Vol. 3" with "Carlini" and "Best of BS" with Piranha Smile, a.m.m.

Last, but not least, I worked in the studio for and/or played live with bands like Donots, MyBalloon, Beatsteaks, Moon'Doc, and musicians from Heaven's Gate, Zeno, etc.