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Sander Zoer


After demolishing several cookie jars and knitting pins, his parents looked for an alternative: as a little seven year old boy he was introduced to the local fanfare and a year later he started taking lessons at the music school. Besides playing in the fanfare, later on he also played in several bands. That begins in the begin of 1990, he played in a folk band and a funk band, unde the watching eye from a “bandcoach”. He played as a substitute drummer in a big-band for a short while in the same period. In his parent’s home he was offered the opportunity to practice in a big cellar, He took this opportunity and used it well for practising.

In October 1999 he was asked to de a session for a graduating at the SAE ( School for Audio Engineering ) in Amsterdam. Sander joined the session and others, and they all got along well, at this point starts his rock/metal band career. Sander decide to start a band together beside all other thing he was doing at that time. Antares was chosen as band name, released an album on their own, called “Choking the Stone” for which they received good reviews. Later on they made a distribution deal with Distribee. The band’s acme was reached by playing on Progpower Europe 2002. Antares quit at the begin of 2006.

In the year 2000 he got admitted to the pre-education year of the conservatory. The lessons expanded his ideas and in this period he concentrated mainly on timing and groove. In 2001 he said goodbye to everything that had to do anything with fanfare to focus completely on pop/rock music and especially the heavy stuff. After one year he had to do an admittance test once more and got invited to do the pre-education again. The school, however, had specialised in jazz education that year, which wasn’t what Sander liked and so he decided to stop attending the music academy. In the period from 2003 till 2005 he performed on assignments for several students, mostly pop and rock. He also performed on the graduation exam of another student.

Halfway 2005 he started drumming in Nemesea. He played ten gigs with them, amongst others in the Melkweg - Amsterdam and in Vera - Groningen. He left Nemesea for personal reasons in March 2006. He tried the auditions for Delain after that. Delain was a project first, founded by ex-Within Temptation key player Martijn Westerholt. Delain and Sander got along very well and after participating in a couple of rehearsals he got to stay. The band just performed their first gig in a packed Tivoli in Utrecht. The first year of Delain was very successful; They win several prices in Holland, did a support tour with Within Temptation, had gigs at major Dutch festivals such as Lowlands and Fields of Rock. They got airplay at Dutch Radio and Television and more.


Facebook: Sander Zoer