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Sean Dalton


The Trews

Born in Newfoundland, Sean Dalton drums and provides backing vocals for the Trews, performing alongside his cousins: John-Angus MacDonald, and Colin MacDonald. Add bassist Jack Syperek, and you have one of Canada's hottest tickets in todays live scene! In the recent years, The Trews have gained the reputation of Canada's hottest live band!  They have spanned the country too many times to count, sharing the stage with some of the most prolific acts in the scene, such as: Big Sugar, Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Nickelback, Sam Roberts and Three Days Grace, and are now headlining with their latest album released in February: "No Time For Later". In March the album shot up to #4 on the Neilson Soundscan Top Albums Chart, with the single: "Hold Me In Your Arms" soaring into the Digital Top 100.

Facebook: Dalton´s Drum Academy