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Tommy Resch


In 1984 Tommy joined TALON, one of the first bands of the "New Wave of German Metal". Countless tours and festivals throughout Europe followed in addition to supporting gigs for Nazareth, Motörhead, Lee Aaron, Magnum, Saxon and many more. In these four years they produced two records: "Never Look Back" and "Vicious Game".

Between 1988 and 1990 Tommy made a short but impetuous trip into the cover rock scene playing each night with the band TOUCH in front of 800 to 1800 people.

In 1990 Tommy succeeded in becoming the drummer of the German cult rocker SINNER and performed live the two records "No More Alibis" and "Respect" on festivals and on tour. During this period Tommy founded his drum school "GET IN THE GROOVE".         

Once started in a small music shop, now, 20 years later, the drum school stands for professional and always up-to-date classes with the main focus on <making music>. In 2004 Tommy was given the certificate for <Private Music Lessons> by the Federation of Musicians. A report about his activity as a drum doctor in drums&percussion was the beginning of becoming an editorial contributor within this magazine. Until today sound protection, hearing safety, drum tuning and recording are the main subjects in his workshops. There the idea grew of putting all these workshops together in a book for drummers which was first published in 2004: Die Schlagzeugwerkstatt (The Drum Workshop).

Parallel to that Tommy never neglected his musical ambition. Preparing the first album with his new band SINWELL he also was a member of the ensemble of the rock opera "Othello". The music of SINWELL stands for modern rock music with sheer intensity and high energy live shows already proved as a supporting gig for U.D.O. and NAZARETH and on the new album simply named "II".

Now TALON has been back since 2017. After more than 30 years, they are back on stage together. More powerful, louder and more experienced than ever, they beat the angry riffs and thunderous drums of their songs around their old and new fans.


TALON: Never Look Back, Vicious Games

SINNER: No More Alibis, Respect                       

TEXAS RADIO: Country Radio                    

TOMMY RESCH: My Dark Side                                 

SINWELL: True Sense, II