Australia Jazz Rock

Bryan Macaranas

What would be considered a late starter at age of 16, Bryan Macaranas quickly cemented a niche in the Brisbane (Australia) local music scene since the late 90s, with bands like Glockenspiel, and in the latter years Arctic, After Earth and Crow Do Not Loiter Here. Several national tours, a stream of high profile support spots for national and international talent (e.g. Steve Vai 2000 Tour), multiple recordings (EP and LP) and radio airplay later, he eventually engrossed himself into what was then a thriving recording session scene. This is where he was able to also hone his skills in the production side of things, and further falling in love with studio work. But never to be outdone in the live performance side of course, he remained active in that as well. The doors soon opened up to live freelance work, on top of the recording sessions; it became a happy mix of musical endeavours, and even delved into musicals and International corporate touring acts like ‘Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra’ (Hong Kong 2006).

In the most recent, Bryan progressively became more involved as a drum clinician and facilitating instore product demos/launches. And through Youtube, he actively creates content and high quality studio recorded drum playthroughs and live performances. He's now also one of Brisbane/Gold Coast's busiest drummers playing the covers circuit.

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