China Punk

Chu Weiming

Mr. Chu Weiming is known as one of the few excellent drummers in China who can control music and comb the band. He has excellent music perception and control ability. He interprets various styles of music with an attitude of excellence. He has been active in the stage for many years and has cooperated with many famous domestic singers such as Faye Wong, Tiger Hu, Na Ying, Jeff Chang, Aska Yang, Sun Nan, Karen Mok, James Li, Wei Wei, Shunza, Dadawa, Eric Moo, Jason Zhang, Jay Chou, Huang Kuo Lun, Xie Zhifei, Vae, Angela Zhang, Azora Chin and Jane Zhang etc. from 1997 till now around of nationwide of China. 
Mr. Chu Weiming began to learn drum in 1987. From 1989 he toured around the country with various professional groups as a formal professional drummer.
In 1999, he participated “Yamaha乐团惊雷” competition and won the best drummer prize. In 2005, he was invited to participate in the first “International Drummer Festival”. In September 2006, he was invited to be an associate professor of jazz drum in Modern Percussion Department of Shanghai Conservatory of music, now he is Master Supervisor of SCM. In 2006 "He Tan Yue Se" Jazz Band toured Denmark and Hungary. During this period, he has also been engaged in concerts, music festivals, audio recordings, video recordings, master classes, competition judges and other work. Just like variety shows (China's Got Talent, Chinese Idol, This Precious Night, My Show, Asian Wave, Celebrity Battle, Sing My Song, I'm CZR, Unlimited Song Season, New Band), IPEA, Local Percussion Competition etc.