USA Rock

Ed Udhus

Zebrahead was formed in La Habra, California in 1996 by drummer Ed Udhus and guitarist Greg Bergdorf, bassist Ben Osmundson and singer/rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello (formerly of Once There). All four musicians, whose bands at the time shared the same practice space, found themselves experimenting with different sounds together and soon became friends. After deciding that they wanted to explore their musical options further, the foursome left their bands all together and formed Zebrahead.

The group, who were inspired by acts including Fugazi and Descendents, found themselves uninspired by the local musical trends of ska-punk and instead began incorporating elements of hip-hop into their sound, eventually recruiting rapper Ali Tabatabaee to join them as a co-vocalist. In late 2004, shortly after Zebrahead's tour through Japan, co-lead singer/rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello left the band due to creative differences. Later that month, Matty Lewis was named the new co-lead singer of the band.

Ed is also owner of "Get Off My Case", an international renowned custom case and road case company, based in Anaheim, CA.