Italy Reggae Pop Rock

Francesco Corvino

"I was born in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno, Italy) on 14th July 1975 and since I was a child I have been in the music field thanks to my father Pietro (guitar player).

When I was 8 years old I started playing the drums in a band directed by Professor Pagano and after some time I debuted as a drummer in front of a true audience in a friends band. After school I attended the Consevatory-School of Music in Salerno and I started playing in my father's band, getting much and different music experience.

My studies continue with the direction of M.° Enzo Pepe and I get my specialisation with my friend and M.° Fredy Malfi, a fundamental guide to start my music career. In 1996 I was one of the founders of Nocera Music Association "Sergio Mascolo" with some friends and in this period I started my experience as drum teacher. The following year I got my diploma in percussions at the Conservatory and I was contacted by percussionist Davide Cantarella to perform with him in the band "CaricoEccessivo", that started a long lasting collaboration from there on. In 1998 I moved to Milan and started my collaborations in different recording studios and as drum players with different Italian and international artists, such as: Mina, Povia, Irene Grandi, Mario Lavezzi, Loredana Bertè, Valerio Scanu, Modà, Noemi (X Factor), Luca Di Risio, Ornella Vanoni, Marco Masini, Francesco Baccini, Paolo Meneguzzi, Umberto Tozzi, Anna Oxa, Antonio Marino (X Factor), Annalisa Minetti, Roberta Faccani (Matia Bazar), Gatto Panceri, Andrea Giops (X Factor), Mario Venuti, Laura Bono, L’aura, Franco Fasano, Tony Esposito, Andrea Braido, Manuela Villa, Bobby Solo, Lady Violet, Sagi Rei, New Trolls, Ricchi e Poveri, Studio 3, Lino Banfi, Sandy Chambers (Mariah Carey), Dilene Ferraz, Dos y tres, Yuyu, Khia, Simone e Flavia Fortunato.  

In 2004 I played the Musical "ORCO LOCO" written by Andrea Pinketts, played by Francesco Baccini and Lucia Vasini with 9 actors and dancers. The national tour started 2nd February at the Ponchielli Theatre in Cremona and after 52 nights it ended with our final performance at Ciak Theatre in Milan."