When I play my SONOR drums, I know the outstanding quality and passion behind what SONOR creates. I aim for excellence in all I do and I am so thankful to be associated with a drum company that has great values and an incredibly high standard. It’s an honor to be a part of the Sonor family.”

Australia Pop

Joe Taranto

Joe Taranto started playing drums as soon as he could walk, and began formal drum lessons at five years old. By the age of fifteen, he had already placed first in three national Australian drumming competitions, with some applicants entering from around the world. Since then, in his teenaged years he has performed on drums inside many of Melbourne's greatest venues. These include Rod Laver Arena, Hamer Hall, and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Iwaki Auditorium.

In 2007, while completing high school at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, he was selected to play drums in a one-off group of musicians to launch a brand-new government initiative, funded by the Australian Federal Government to promote the value of music education in schools across Australia. Once Joe Taranto completed high school, he had a broad passion in the music industry and focused on studying music performance and music production at university. He also founded his own drumming school and a commercial recording studio which still operates today.

Joe Taranto has worked with acclaimed artists in all kinds of genres, as a session musician, music producer, sound engineer, and musical director. Some of the talent he has worked with in the studio, or live on stage, includes the following: Eurovision finalist and X Factor Australia winner Isaiah Firebrace, Grammy-nominated composer Andrew Lowden, Australian-born US artist Fatai, Australian television musical director John Foreman, international guitar artist I Built the Sky, ARIA- Award winning Australian artist Joanne, electro-soul artist Blush'ko, multi-award-winning composer and classical instrumentalist Jessica Arlo Irish, plus many more… 

Some of Joe Taranto’s career highlights include performing as a soloist at Melbourne’s State Netball and Hockey Centre for the 2013 International Martial Arts Games ceremonies, broadcast to a global audience. During New Year's Eve 2018, he played drums on stage at Melbourne’s Federation Square, to a crowded precinct of over 100,000 people.

Joe Taranto also provides national and international clients with drum tracks, music production, recording, mixing, and mastering from his studio, Ultimate sound Recording Studios, in Melbourne. His production work has received praise from numerous world-wide film festivals, including the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards in 2018.

Joe Taranto’s recording studio:   www.UltimateSoundRecording.com

Joe Taranto’s Decade of Pop Drum Medley, featuring Sonor drums: