Australia Jazz

Kayne Butler

There's something about drums, something primal that connects us to music. And there's something about a great drummer, a drummer who can forge the gap between rhythm and melody and become the heartbeat of the music. Kayne has this ability - his playing encompasses all that is hypnotic, driving and yet subtle in the drums. With over 20 years experience, practice and passion behind him, he has played and recorded with an array of international and local artists and has experience playing in a range of styles and ensembles. A true artist, Kayne continues to pursue new techniques and styles. His diverse knowledge is an asset to his playing and writing, and also in teaching others.​

In his career so far, Kayne has played with international and Australian artists, touring nationally and internationally and recording expansively. 2016 has seen Kayne playing on four Australian tours, recording at Studio 301 along with numerous projects with a number of Sydney artists.

Ever curious, Kayne has studied a diverse and eclectic range of styles and systems. His unwavering dedication to the art of drumming has led him to seek the tutelage of some Australia and the world's foremost drummers including Dave Goodman, Milan Troha and Anndrew Gander. Kayne is a skillful teacher and tutor, with an understanding of how to communicate with all ages and levels of expertise.

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