Philip Kelly

Getting his hands on a cassette copy of Van Halen's '1984' at the tender age of 8, one thing became immediately clear to a young Philip Kelly. He wanted to be Alex Van Halen. Discovering MTV (when they actually played music) he realized he also wanted to be Tommy Lee. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, his parents would buy drumsticks and practice pads for him but wouldn't capitulate on a drum set for another 9 years.

Philip entered the local Nashville rock scene around 1997 and recorded and toured regionally. He has performed with many incredible bands that you've never heard of over his 25+ years of being a drummer.

In 2014, PK was recognized as best rock drummer by the Music City Mayhem Awards. Shortly after this, he was recruited by award winning artist Jasmine Cain to co-write and record the song 'Any Given Sunday' off of her 'White Noise' album. This collaboration eventually led our hero to being offered the drum throne permanently. It's where he's been since 2018, recording, touring, performing, & melting faces, at over 100 shows a year throughout the country.

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