“It`s this Perfect Symbiosis of Tradition and Innovation.”

Austria Klassik Country Jazz

Stefan Juen

Stefan Juen was born in 1983. In 2003 he studied Instrumental-and Voice Education at the Tyrolean Conservatory. His main subjects where, at the beginning, Classical Percussion with Mag. Gunnar Fras and Norbert Rabanser, followed by studies of Jazz-and Popular Music with Prof. Stephan Costa.
In 2006 Stefan Juen began his studies of Bachelor of Arts at Mozarteum Salzburg (Innsbruck)
In 2006 the Award of Bachelor of Arts has been done.
In 2007 the Tyrolean Drummer began his Master Studies of Arts at University Mozarteum Salzburg with Prof. Dr. Peter Sadlo.
Since 2004 Stefan Juen has been working as a Full Time Drum Coach at Music College Innsbruck.
Since 2005 Juen also was teaching as a Drum Coach at Music School Western Region of Innsbruck.
In 2014 finally the Award of Masters of Arts at University Mozarteum Salzburg followed.
In 2014 his very first Publication of Drums light - The Drumbook fort the Advanced Drummer. Author: Stefan Juen (ASR Records Publications) got published.
In 2014 a lot more Publications of various Works for Drums and Percussion (ASR Records Publications) followed.
In 2015 Stefan Juen started with the Foundation of the Drum Office – Tyrolean school for drummers.
In 2015 Stefan Juen became part of the “Drummer`s Drummer” SONOR Education Program. "A long time dream became true. I have always wanted to be a part of this family.” (Stefan Juen)
In 2016 the Tyrolean Drummer started the Foundation of the “Tyrolean Drummer Competition”. The 1st Austrian Drummer Competition.
In 2016 he became a Member of the Tasty Rockbits – Austrian Hard Rock Band
In 2017 he started touring around as a Member of the Road Chicks – Austrian Country Band
In 2017 Stefan Juen started the Foundation of the AUSTRIAN DRUMMER AWARDS (International Drummer Competition)
In 2018 he worked as a Lecturer for Drums and Percussion (Tyrolean Wind Instruments Week)
In 2018 Lectureship as Speaker for Drums and Percussion at PORG VOLDERS – Private High School für Music St.Karl Volders, followed.
In 2019 another Lectureship for the Drums and Percussion (Tyrolean Wind Instruments Week) followed.
In 2020 Stefan Juen became the First an Youngest Leader of Tyrolean Drum Croaches by the Tyrolean Government.
In 2021 Stefan Juen has been a Member of the International Jury of Prima La Musica 2021 (Tyrol).
In 2021 Stefan Juen also has been a Member of the International Jury of Prima la Musica 2021 (Carinthia).

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