Poland Pop Jazz

Wiktoria Jakubowska

Wiktoria Jakubowska is a Polish drummer, flutist, composer, arranger, backing vocalist and music director. A versatile artist who moves freely in a variety of musical genres.

From an early age Wiktoria showed interest in music, starting from extra dance and rhythmic classes through singing lessons. When she was only 3,5 years old she stood on the stage during the youth vocal contest and from that moment she knew that music will be her greatest passion. While learning classical music and playing the transverse flute, she shaped her musical personality.

At the age of 14, she loved attending her school's Big Band rehearsals as a free listener. That was a turning point in her life. „Watching the band's drummer, I was delighted by the freedom of interpretation of the piece, the possibility of boundless expression. I decided to try to explore the possibilities of this instrument on my own and it was a hit. I love classical music, but as a musician I felt that I could not find myself performing serious pieces with a predetermined interpretation, articulation and dynamics. Drums gave me freedom, a sense of liberation.”

Constantly she cooperates with outstanding artists and co-creates band's such us:  Paulina Przybysz, Kasia Lins, KARAŚ/ROGUCKI, Ralph Kaminski, Jerry & The Pelican System, Aga Bigaj, ZVANAI and others...

Through the years she has recived many music awards as a drummer and solo artist. Named „Modern drummer hope” by drumming society. So far, one of her biggest accomplishments is the release of an album Jerry & The Pelican System vol. 83, where she perform as a first famale instrumentalist in iconic series POLISH JAZZ (Warner Music Poland label) publishing since 1965.

"No looking at others, just a strong focus on herself with a simultaneous  great kindness to people around. (...) This girl knows perfectly well what she wants and does not count on a happy fate. She takes matters into her own hands and at the same time does not lose her artistic spirit, engaging in very ambitious projects that are to bring satisfaction first of all to herself." Maciej Nowak, editor of Polish magazine "Perkusista"

"My first conscious choice of drum set was a '66 Sonor Teardrop, an amazing set! Another was a '67 Teardrop with three toms. A few years later I found a Sonor Action from the 70's in a commission store in Poznan. A modern Sonor Bop with an 18" kick joined my collection and the icing on the cake is a wonderful Sonor Vintage in a unique finish California Blue.

For me, the most important aspect of development is creating my own unique sound. From the first time I played the Teardrop I knew it was the perfect instrument. The depth of sound, the response to extremely different dynamics, something wonderful. I am delighted to join the SONOR artists next to Marcus Gilmore, Jack De Jonette and Jojo Mayer."

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