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In late 2011, SONOR and Gavin began working on the Protean” project with the goal to create a snare drum that is as musically versatile as Gavin himself. The name Protean” comes from Greek mythology meaning versatile” and “diverse”. Gavin wanted this snare drum to be a daily workhorse instrument that can be quickly altered to suit the musical situation.

The Signature Snare is handcrafted in Germany and is offered in two sizes, 14“ x 5.25“ and 12“ x 5“. The Protean drums are made from 6-ply, 6 mm, hand-selected Birch featuring a timeless Silky Black finish which is offset by white underlays between the chrome fittings and the shell.


The name “Protean” comes from Greek mythology meaning “versatile” and “diverse”.

Hybrid Bearing Edges

Vintage rounded bearing edge on top, modern 45 degree bearing edge on the bottom for more crispness.

Hybrid Hoops

The Snares feature S-Hoops on the top side, and a special open, triple-flanged steel hoop on the bottom.

Unique Dampening Rings

Another special feature is a set of three dampening rings that are available in different widths (Light, Medium and Heavy dampening). Any range of overtone dampening can be achieved by using them separately or combined.

Protean Tuning Keys

As a touring Pro, Gavin has to tune and exchange heads on a regular basis. Over the years he developed his own technique, which led to the development of a set of two special designed tuning keys. The Protean keys make the exchange of heads and tuning, easier, faster and more convenient.

Exclusive Snare Wires

Gavin designed three special 8 strand snare wire configurations. The standard assembled snare wire is the “Straight 8”, which features 8 Stainless Steel strands in the center position. Available in the Premium Edition are: “EQ”- features 8 Bronze strands off center. “Spacer” - features 8 Brass strands in different diameter and unique spacing in between the strands.

Standard and Premium

The snares are available in a Standard and Premium Edition: The Standard Edition includes the snare, a set of 3 dampening rings and 2 Protean tuning keys. The Premium Edition additionally includes a unique Protean case, made by Hardcase UK. The case contains the “EQ” and “Spacer” snare wires, secured in a wooden box, separated from the drum itself.

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