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Then and now

We have quite some history in drum hardware, dating back to 1900 when we introduced our first bass drum pedal. 


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We invented some little bits and pieces to make YOUR life easier.

600 / 6000 Hardware Series

The pinnacle of SONOR hardware. Offering maximum reliability and optimum handling with lots of individual components. Professional down to the smallest detail! The 3-segment clamp diffuses the force around three sides of a stand rod like no other clamp does! Plus, it can be secured easily. The independently adjustable base leg of the 600 Hardware Series suits each drummer’s individual set-up.

Basic Arm and Multi Holder System

Freedom, Flexibility and Function - The Basic Arm and Multi Holder System allows you to create your customized and individual hardware setup. The Basic Arm System is divided into the Basic Arm 19 and Basic Arm 12, reflecting the variation in tube diameters. Within the Basic Arm System, the Multi Holder System and the 600-Series Hardware we utilize identical ratchets for easy compatibility between components. The details are too many to mention - experiment and design the hardware system of our own.

Did you know? You can simply build a classic tom holder with our Basic Arm program to fit older SONOR Series like Signature, Phonic, Lite, Performer and Force 2000 and 3000!

4000 Hardware Series

Professional, road-ready hardware at an unbeatable price. Equipped with lots of individual components, the 4000 Series is easy to set up, adjust and tear down. Completely retractable cymbal boom arm converts the mini boom stand to a straight cymbal stand.

2000 Hardware Series

SONOR’s basic 2000 hardware series is characterized by good handling with professional appearance. This double-braced hardware is sturdy and includes large rubber feet with lots of grip for added playing confidence.

The 2000 Hardware Series consists of a double-braced standard line and a lightweight “LT” line, that partially works "flatbase" and the “XS” line which is suited for the young guns.

1000 Hardware Series

SONOR’s economy hardware series and the latest addition to the product family. Sturdy, functional, light weight.

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