CTS 679 MC

SKU 13583701 Hardware / Cymbal/Tom Stands / 600/6000-Series

Cymbal Tom Stand, Double Braced, Boom Arm with fine geared Tilter, Omni-Ball Tom Arm, Independantly rotateable 3rd Leg

Being made in Germany alongside the high-end drum program, SONOR's 600/6000-Series has to adhere to the same unparalled quality standars. Using solid stainless steel rivets on all legs, on which SONOR offers a lifetime warranty, these stands are build to last. 3-Segment clmaps on all pipe connections are easy to use, reliable and they diffuse clamping forces evenly to prevent damage. Memory Locks on all pipe connections aid in setting up consistently and the unique independantly rorateable 3rd leg on all stands allows for uncompromising setup flexibility. Combined with the modular parts from the Basic Arm System, designed to be used with the 600-Series stands, this hardware series offers an almost unlimited amount of setup possibilities.

Technical specifications

Other Features
40cm Boom, 19mm Boom Diameter, 19mm Tom and Cymbal Arm Tube Diameters, 25.4mm lower Tube Diameter, Quick Release Cymbal Clamp, Interchangeable with Basic Arm System, 3-Segment-Clamps, 3-Segment Memory Clamps
Hight Adjustable Double Holder/Cymbal Boom Arm/Tom Arm, Boom and Cymbal Angle Adjustemt using fine geared Tilter, Tom Positioning using Omni-Ball, Independantly Rotateable 3rd Leg
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