The all-new One of a Kind Black Limba Snare Drum is here!

One of a Kind...

…that's what you get with one of these hand-built masterpieces. The stunning naturally grown veneers make each snare drum as unique as your fingerprint. 

The Black Limba model features a 13x6,5" 9-ply Maple shell with a natural grown inner and outer Black Limba veneer. The Ruthenium metal parts including Vintage Teardrop lugs and a Dual Glide snare strainer make this snare drum a true beauty.  

Each One-of-a-Kind production run is strictly limited to the number of drums we can get out of the selected tree. Regarding the One of a Kind Black Limba, we are limited to a total of only 80 snare drums worldwide. Therefore, each and every single drum remains something very special. Forever.

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