Snare Drums

The modern design, the low weight as well as the price-performance ratio distinguish the instruments of the B-Line. All bass drums are equipped with two foam inner dampers and are available in diameters from 20" to 26" inclusive. The original Remo heads -Made in USA - guarantee the desired sound quality. Due to the special tuning of the shell sizes, these instruments are also particularly suitable for use in the children's and youth sector.

MB 205 M

The lightest instrument is designed for the young drumming. The eagle plate, which is mounted on all flat marching drums, has been provided with an oblong hole so that any type of drum hook can be used.

MB 455 M

The light weight of the MB 455 M, which has a chrome-plated 14" steel shell, makes this instrument very special. The convenient, movable, plastic-covered stainless steel knee bail adjusts precisely to the movements of the thigh with every step. The 5-1/2" deep shell provides full volume on this snare drum.

MB 1210

The lightest SONOR parade drum (3.6 kg) enjoys great popularity not only among young musicians. All parade drums are equipped with the same vario plate and knee bar that are used in the Professional-Line.

MB 1412

For all parade drums, the fold-down knee bar is standard equipment. A removable ring mute is also included to minimize any distracting overtones. Thin birch shells develop the typical percussive sound and a brilliant response.

MB 1410

All SONOR instruments have to undergo a strict quality control before they leave the factory. Like all parade drums, the instruments are available in black or white as standard.


Bass Drums

The bass drums have a full tone with a low weight. This makes this series a popular model series with many music clubs, especially because of the 20" x 10" bass drum offered here. Optionally, the bass drums are available in black (B CB) with black heads or white (CW) with white heads.

MB 2410

Because of the light weight and the shell size of 24" x 10" this bass drum is very popular especially with youth clubs. As with all other bass drums, two foam ring mutes are glued into the shell.

MB 2612

Two vertically and two horizontally attached carrying eyes ensure that the player can quickly hook in the carrying strap or carrying frame.

MB 2614

The largest model from the B-Line series has the deepest and richest sound in this range.

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