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SKU 28720001 Xylophones / Alto / SMART

Xylophone, Alto, C-Major scale, c1-a2, Palisono Fiberglas Sound Bars, German version, FSC certified, incl. SCH 23

SMART sets innovative standards regarding sound, functionality and design. After years of scientific research, SONOR was finally able to realize its requirements towards sound within an compact and light design with lots of functionality. Shatterproof pins, an integrated riser, the possibility of stacking multiple instruments and integrated storage for sound bars and mallets allow for easy transport, uncomplicated storage and playing comfort. The optimized resonance chambers and pecisely tuned sound bars in aluminum, palisono or pao rosa offer a great sound experience.

Technical specifications

Other Features
Shatterproof pins, Foldable Feet, With Storage Compartment, Stackable, Low Weight, Compact Size, Sound Bars are insusceptible to temperature and humidity changes
C-Major with f#1, b1 and f#2
Number of Notes
a1 = 440 HZ
Sound Bar Material
Palisono Fiberglas
Sound Bar Size
30mm x 15 mm
Resonator Box Material
FSC certified Plywood, Plastic
Size (L x W x H)
63cm x 39cm x 12cm
Included Accessories
SCH 23
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