KS 40 L15 INT

SKU 22000601 Chime Bars / Sets / Meisterklasse

Chime Bars, Set, Metallophone, Tenor-Alto, C-Major scale, c1-c3, 15 grey lacquered specially alloyed aluminum Sound Bars with colored chords, International version, incl. 8 x SCH 5 & Instructions

Meisterklasse represents SONOR's uncompromising standards towards sound quality and craftsmanship made in Germany. It is the top line within the SONOR Orff-assortment and includes the largest variety of instruments all made from the highest quality materials. Staggered resonator boxes made from pine and perfectly tuned sound bars made from high-quality aluminum, steel or precious genuine rosewood guarantee the perfect SONOR sound and unparalled quality that can be enjoyed for decades.

Technical specifications

Other Features
Color Coded chords (F-Major, C-Major, G-Major)
F-Major, C-Major, G-Major
Number of Notes
Fundamental Tuning
Sound Bar Material
Grey lacquered specially alloyed aluminum
Sound Bar Size
40mm x 6mm
Resonator Box Material
Included Accessories
8 x SCH 5 and Instruction Book
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